What is CPAC?

The Common (to all awarding organisations (AOs)) Practical Assessment Criteria are split into two groups:
  • Those assessed through written examination
  • Those assessed by the teacher
Specifications must highlight practical activities which will allow the skills, knowledge and understanding to be assessed and which must cover the use of apparatus and practical techniques.

The details of bullet one above can be found in appendix 5a (page 19) of the document below. Details of the second bullet are in appendix 5b (page 20).

The apparatus and techniques required for physics are given in appendix 5c (page 23) but are also given in the sub page of this site 'CPAC matching'. There you will find each strand for the 'apparatus and techniques' requirement matched to each practical suggested in this website.

All of this information will be given by individual AOs but this site is not AO specific so a checklist is given to help teachers who want to deviate from the suggested practicals while still covering the CPAC requirements.

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Thomas Carl Pion,
May 4, 2015, 12:38 PM