Oscilloscopes and PicoScopes

Included here are (or soon will be) a number of short instruction sheets for finding time period, frequency and voltages using oscilloscopes and a PicoScope. A lot of time is spent by students pressing buttons and twiddling knobs on oscilloscopes, trying to get a decent trace and this can be a useful learning process, however teachers should be mindful of what students are actually required to do at A level. It can save a lot of time to have the scope set up with a decent trace and then focus on getting students to use the x and y gains appropriately and make useful measurements from the screen.
There are not many A level practicals that lend themselves well to using oscilloscopes and some suggested by exam boards are even inappropriate. If a student needs to practise their oscilloscope skills, Lissajou's figures is a good practical to try. 
Thomas Carl Pion,
Jun 23, 2015, 6:17 AM