These resources are being developed to help those teaching A Level physics with the practical elements of the course. The resources are under development and the first aim is to cover 12 practicals which will allow students to meet their CPAC criteria however this the bare minimum for the new A levels and more practicals will be added as time goes by. 

Each practical from the menu on the left has a suggested lab manual entry which can be edited to suit local conditions. Also included are a photograph of the setup where appropriate, an examplar log book entry from a top level student*, a graph that goes with the log book and teacher's notes.

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or when you spot a mistake please use the contact link. To sign up for email updates click here.*

Before carrying out any of the practicals here, look at the page on Risk Assessments.

* Watch out for exemplar log book entries from middle ability students in the near future.